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My blog 'Love Ciandra' is a safe place where we can all be open, honest and our true selves. For that reason, I always ensure to give my honest opinion when I write my blog posts. 
I am very lucky and have been sent products to do sponsored posts. If I ever do sponsored content, I will always disclaim it in the post and you should know that it is my honest opinion. 

If I am offered payment for a product that I do not like or do not believe reflects me as a person, I will politely turn down the offer. If ever I have been sent a product, I am under no obligation to talk about it and will only put up a post about it if I do genuinely love it as I want my blog to continue to be a truthful place! 
I do use affiliate links on my blog, so if you are unhappy with this, feel free to not use them and search for the products yourself. I wont be offended! :)
Thank you for being so understanding, I love how much of an honest relationship I have with my followers and I promise you that I will not break this trust. 

Love Ciandra x 

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