Thursday, 14 June 2018

How to revitalise dull and unruly hair - Phyto Paris

The amount of time and money I put into my hair never ceases to amaze me! No sooner have I started a new product, another one grabs my attention and I’m trying something new! I have tape extensions put in my hair which means I have to pay a lot of attention to the maintenance of it. Unfortunately, dryness is the new buzzword for many of us including myself.  In hot and humid summer months hair suddenly seems to be harder to style and has become somewhat unruly. I am always on the look for new products to tame my mane and this is wear Phyto come in!  
We all dream of thick, glossy hair and I think as you get older, shiny, healthy looking hair can really help us to look more youthful.  I was not lucky enough to have been born with very thick hair and this is why I opted for extensions to add a bit of volume to my thin locks.  I’ve noticed in the last few years before getting my extensions that my hair was really is thinning out at the front and it is becoming harder to style.  This is apparently due to the breaking down of the cuticle after years and years of styling and of course the dryer it is the more brittle it is and likely to break.
Phytodensia haircare targeted at women who want thick and luscious hair. It is actually aimed at women over 40 to aid the anti-aging process, however it also works for those like me whose hair really needs some TLC! The clue really is in the name; Phytodensia.  The promise is to ‘create body, reinject substance and restore the opulence of your more youthful hair’.  OK then, that’s fine by me.  The range consists of a Plumping Shampoo, Plumping Mask and a Plumping serum.

The ingredients in Phytodensia work to revitalise and re-plump hair. The main ingredients are vernonia, grape extract, hyaluronic acid and acacia collagen.  All apparently known to re-build, revitalise and re-plump without weighing the hair down, this is great for my tape extensions because I don’t want to weigh the bonds down which would otherwise cause matting.  I used both shampoo and conditioner before trying the hero product, The Serum.  This acts as a booster so that when massaged into your scalp it nourishes and revitalises hair from the root up. So the big question; did it work!  Well, if bigger is better – I shall be continuing to use this for some time to come! My extensions love this stuff, so if you’re like me I’d definitely recommend. *swishes shiny locks*
Phyto Paris products are available from many online brands in the UK including their website, John Lewis and Feelunique to name a few.

Products Used

- Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo brings suppleness, volume and lightness to devitalised hair.  200ml for £16

- Phytodensia Fluid Plumping Mask infused with restructuring active ingredients to give hair maximum body. 175ml for £37.00

- Phytodensia Plumping Serum non-greasy, lightweight peptide rich advanced formula. 30ml for £30

Love Ciandra x

*Disclaimer- this is an ad in partnership with Phyto Paris, all opinions are my own though*


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