Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to be a Girl Boss!

So girls, we are all amazing humans, who's with me? In a society where there are hundreds more opportunities available to us, we women need to step up our game and take the world by its horns! I am a firm believer that no matter what our sex or beliefs that we should all be able to have access to the same amount of resources and opportunities. Now I'm not saying it's easy to break through the Glass Ceiling thats dominated by men, whether that be in your career or personal life but this blog post will share some of the main tips that I follow to be my own Girl Boss!

Tip No. 1 - Chase what works, drop what doesn't.

We all have things that we are better at than others. For me I really succeed with pressure and a fast pace of life. Give me routine based menial tasks and I crumble. So, to ensure I keep moving forwards I make sure to keep my life packed full of various tasks and experiences. Keep striving for more, don't get stuck in a rut if something is not working for you, cut your losses and move on.

Tip No. 2 - Dress like a successful lady. 

Now I'm not saying you will be judged if you don't dress a certain way, however the way you style things can help your career prospects. As your business status changes, so will your looks. You'll have to adjust your appearance, the way you move and present yourself to you new status. I have only recently started working in a large company so my own style has changed to fit this new role. Make sure to present yourself as the #girlboss I know you are!

Tip No. 3 - Do the wrong things and fail miserably.

If you have known what you wanted to do for your career since you were a little girl good on you, but it's ok if you didn't. I didn't expect to end up where I am today, but it's about learning from your experiences and find out what you like. Try out things differently until something fits! Don't beat yourself up if you fail at something and don't succeed. Learn from your mistakes and build on them, failing is only a natural part of life, not a weakness.

Tip No. 4 - Show devotion. 

Lets be honest with ourselves, we all come up with hundreds of ideas during our lifetime. Most of the time though, an idea isn't as simple to realise as you may have once thought. Should you have an amazing idea, devote yourself to it, study it, check whether it's realistic and then work your way towards making it a reality. You may have found something that you really love, but a thousand more ideas will come from it. Find the idea that really excites you and don't let it go!

Tip No. 5 - Take the risk.

The biggest satisfaction in life is when you start seeing your hard work paying off and your dreams coming true. Whether it be the smallest thing like becoming more confident in meetings or something bigger like taking the leap to start your own business, all successes are a result of the time and effort you have put in. You should be proud of yourself, being a kickass woman isn't as easy as it looks!

Now girl, you go get em! Good like you #girlboss!

Love Ciandra x

*Credit to Browns Department Stores in York for letting me style this awesome outfit. This post is in collaboration with Fashion City York as I am the brand ambassador for them, I can't wait for April to come round to get involved with the shows! Photos taken by the amazing Olivia Brabbs.*


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