Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Vintage Chic | Shein

Hi guys! I thought I’d start the year with an outfit of the day post and some brand tips.
Now, I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things I find about being a blogger is you always have to post in a new outfit, because God forbid you wear something more than once! If you are a blogger then you know how annoying it can be to always post new content, and how expensive it can be! I am always searching for a good deal and I try to use coupons or student discount when I buy anything. Recently I have found that fast fashion is really changing the industry and high-end places can’t compete with the low prices you can get clothes at these days, this is why I have changed the way I shop. This is where Shein comes in!
This is the first time I have ever worn something from this brand and I am so excited to share it with you! I have chosen to style the Bow Tie Neck Frayed Trim Tweed Dress, which is the perfect vintage yet feminine look. I love anything girly so this dress is perfect for me, there’s something about bows and tweed that just make me happy, maybe it's because I feel like a character out of Clueless...

If you too want to buy from Shein these are a couple of tips I have learnt:
Shein Quality:
I’d say the quality is that of Forever21, but some items are nicer just depending on what you get, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice it was considering the reasonable price! But I wouldn't ger your hopes up and think you’re going to get a £500 dress and only pay £15 because that’s just not possible, but for the price you can get some great bits. My main tip would be look at customer reviews and outfit pictures as they are your best friend on this site. You can see the clothes on real people and not just models, giving you a good judgement of how it would look on you. Basically a virtual dressing room!
Shein Sizing:
I have learned from trial and error to just always order the smallest size. Now, this is not always true, some items I have to order a size up in after I read the reviews. Also, Shein posts the exact measurements for each size for each item. So look at those numbers and compare them to what you normally wear.

Shein Shipping:
Shipping takes 2-3 weeks from Shein, so don't buy a dress from there if you're wanting it for a party at the weekend! If you do want fast shipping you can select the ships 24 hour option and your package will be with you a lot sooner. I am happy to wait for items so this doesn'y bother me.
I think they are my main tips about Shein. I hope you all found this helpful and you learned something new about Shein! I really do love this site and I love getting new fashionable clothes for a super low price. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will always answer them!
Love Ciandra x



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