Monday, 29 January 2018

A very Valentine perfume review

A woman can never have too many perfumes, right? 100% correct, that's why I'm sitting here with 30 bottles (yes 30!) of perfume on my dressing table! When I got an email from Jemma owner of Pinkie Jems asked my to review her newest line of perfumes I jumped at the chance. I love discovering new scents and if you know me my favourite scents are girly and have vanilla based notes, but I am always interested to trial new things too. 

A tip I picked up a while ago for finding what type of perfume suits you to understand which ‘fragrance families’ you’re most drawn to and why. The four standard families are floral, oriental, woody and fresh (encompassing citrus and green). Each fragrance family has a unique personality and, instinctively, you will prefer fragrances from some and dislike ones from others. So, in English, pick a scent that you are naturally drawn to! 

The first perfume from the collection I trialled is FM luxury 297. This is a sensual and sexy fragrance as you can see from the luxurious spray bottle. With head notes of fresh, sweet apple, heart notes of white roses, and base notes of vanilla, you will sure be getting a lot of compliments with this one! You can get the perfume here for £27.50 for 50ml, I would certainly recommend this fragrance for Valentines day. 

The next is Ambre Royal - Utique Parfam. On first sniff, the bergamot and orange are indulgent and oriental with a fruit kick. And, to my surprise, they’re not overwhelming. The fragrance is comforting, feminine and oozing sophistication. A few seconds later, I can smell the cedar-wood and musk coming through. This perfume is the quintessence of luxury closed in an elegant bottle. It has an extremely durable composition, which will bring magical moments to your life, perfect for day or night. 100ml retails for £70 and this bottle will last you ages, great value for money!

Last but not least is Federjco Mahora Pheromone No. 5. Now this is more of an everyday scent. The overall blend is light and sensual, perfect for the office and an evening out – and, of course, for those who like to go ‘out out’. I have never used a perfume with the addition of pheromones, but apparently its meant to help seduce! With research I discovered Pheromones, although odourless, when added to perfumes, they intensify their strength and have an undeniable influence on those around you. You should use them when you go on a date or want to make an impression. Thanks to them you will never go unnoticed! This perfume has head notes of freesia, gardenia, heart notes of sandalwood, rose, coriander and base notes of vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, creating a modern and intriguing mix. You can purchase 30ml for £11.50 or 50ml for £13.50, again great value for money!

Currently Pinkie Jems has an offer on 20% off all of the Utique gift sets until the 14th February. What a perfect opportunity to persuade your boyfriends or loved ones to get you a new signature scent for Valentines Day! 

Please check out her Instagram, Facebook and join her Facebook group for more information.

Thanks for reading, remember a good perfume is a girls best friend! 

Love Ciandra x 

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