Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The first person you need to love, is yourself

Hello beauties, relationships are not something I have spoken to you all much about, but I feel it’s about time to share my experiences.

Upon the relationship advice I have given many of my loved ones, I always begin with one statement. ‘Before you decide to love somebody else, fall in love with yourself’. This is something I didn’t do for years, I tried to find self love in other people, it didn’t work and jumping into dysfunctional relationships actually made me feel worse about myself.
In a world full of cynical people and things, one of the biggest misconceptions is believing that somebody else deserves your love, before yourself.  When you learn what you love, what you value, and what surrounds you as a being, it will be effortless so find this in a partner. Your energies will collide.  When you radiate this energy of self love to everybody around you-  you will be charismatic.

This may start with simply embracing every single flaw that has eaten you alive as you laid awake at night, pondering why you were never good enough for somebody else. The secret is, you don’t begin with finding somebody else to fill that void inside of your mind, body, and soul. You begin with you.

Embrace the stretch marks that cover your body, proving to yourself that you have grown. You have grown, physically. This is shown through out the flaws that are noticeable to surrounding people. Your scars, your marks, your discoloration, and also the flaws that are embedded deep inside your heart, and soul.
The physical pain that many people, won't see at first glance. Then comes the pain that is visible to others. The pain that has inflicted you throughout the years, and has never exactly been resolved.
Just put it behind you, because that is the easiest way to move on from something. To act as if it doesn't exist in your world anymore.

This pain has accumulated from exterior motives in most cases. Relationships, crumbling over and over. Friends, that you thought would be by your side forever- gone. This pain is one that builds up over time, eating you alive. Even finding your soulmate; the one who sets your heart into bursting flames, may still not be enough to repair your damage. These past instances need to be resolved by no other then anybody, but yourself.

We need to stop looking to everybody else to fix ourselves. We are all wonderful human beings so deserve to love ourselves! If any of you need any support or advice just contact me, I would be more than happy to help!

Love Ciandra x


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