Sunday, 23 July 2017

Kimovi - Your Fight Against Dry and Damaged Skin (Plus Discount Code!)

As summer approaches I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I want perfect smooth sun-kissed skin. However, when you have sensitive and damaged skin like myself then the prospect of perfect skin is a lot less likely. I was searching for a product that would effectively remove dry skin whilst being more affordable than the fortune I tend to spend on creams and ointments off the shelf and online. I came across the website HelloSkin which sells products to treat a number of different skin conditions that are scientifically proven to be effective in treating them. I was drawn to the new line of products released in the UK called KIMOVI. The brand has two main lines; with salt and without salt, and is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dry irritated skin. The active ingredients are Kigelia Africana which relieves itching and supports the skin's natural healing process, and Thermal Salt which is cleansing anti-bacterial just like the Dead Sea.
The reviews show it to be very effective, “In 70% of cases, KIMOVI has a positive effect after 14 days, with an evident effect after just three days. This is extremely fast, and it compares nicely with over-the-counter drugs, without side effects.The effects on eczema and itching are superb - 55% of the cases went ´extremely well´." (Allan Malmdorf and Jan Waage, co-founders of KIMOVI)

I therefore decided to purchase the KIMOVI Cream without salt (150ml - £34.99) from the Hello Skin website. The cream is a mild and soothing treatment designed to ease the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin as I felt this would effectively remove any skin irritation I have, including skin that is red and irritated or has been damaged by the sun, so perfect to pack in my suitcase when I jet off to Italy later this month to keep my skin looking holiday ready. The cream combines shea butter, glycerin, and Kigelia Africana, whilst being free of perfumes, parabens and colours, which makes it great for even the most sensitive of skin. Kigelia Africana is not an ingredient I have ever come across of before. With research I found Kigelia is derived from tropical African fruit trees and is best known for its unique anti-inflammatory and skin building properties, helping wounds to heal, and moisturising the skin.
I have been using the cream on both my face, body and hands for a couple of days now both in the morning and at night and have already seen improvement in my skin. The consistency is a white rather “thick” lotion and remains quite thick when applied. The smell is not the best and is quite medicine-like, but it’s tolerable and you can not smell it when it is applied. It's transformed the state of my skin and I would go so far to say that all my dry and irritated skin has gone from my legs already. Because I am an avid fake tan user I would say the application and result of my tan has been so much better since I have started using the KIMOVI Cream and have had a more uniform tanned look, I would recommend this cream for anyone who has a regular fake tan routine like myself.

The results are meant to peak at 14 day and considering I have already seen improvement I look forward to seeing the final outcomeI am 100% going to continue to use this cream twice daily as it has had amazing effects and made such an improvement to my skin. When your skin looks and feels good you feel better in yourself. I would never go back to buying endless ointments and creams because I have now found KIMOVI Cream which does exactly what it says on the tin with no adverse side effects.

*You can purchase all the KIMOVI products from the HelloSkin website and at the moment they have released a discount code giving you 10%off all the KIMOVI collection. The code is KIMOVI10 and needs to be inserted at checkout, it will be valid until the 31st August 2017, so get shopping!!*

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