Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Six Top Tips for Race Day Fashion

Now we all know I love the races, it is the best excuse to get dressed and go out! Below are my top tips for race day fashion.
  1. Accessories - Accessorising is big part of race day style and a great way to bring your personality in to your outfit from shoes to hats to bags. One good tip to remember is that your accessories do not have to be large and showy. Remember less is more sometimes.  It’s all about bringing the outfit together, the combination of the whole look, and the fact that you should feel comfortable wearing it.
  2. Think about your feet- Those six-inch stilettos seem a fabulous idea before the races at 8am, but come lunch time and your feet will be crippling. Opt for this season's hot block heel and you will not be the woman with grubby ballet pumps stuffed in her handbag for later. I always wear nude points though, and think a closed toe is more sophisticated, elegant and dressy.
  3. The Dress- Think carefully about what your dress might look like in bright sunlight (sheer), after travelling (crumpled) and after a day in the sun (sweaty and crumpled). Your dress should always be below the knee, because it's more ladylike and sophisticated and you're not going to a nightclub. The silhouette also has to suit your body.
  4. Modern Prints- Why don’t you jazz up your dress with a modern print? Mixing up abstract patterns with colours can create a bold fun look that will have heads turning. Pair a print skirt with a solid top, or go big and mix two prints together! You can pair your outfit with something very different from what you would normally wear and it will all flow together! This type of outfit shows you as the bold and vibrant women, flaunt it!
  5. Makeup and hair - To maintain your gorgeous makeup and hair you spent hours on in the morning I recommend carrying pressed powder, lash glue, bobby pins and a mini sewing kit in your handbag. If you don’t use it, you’ll save someone else in desperate need, be one of those prepared women! I will always use finishing powder and an extra spray of hairspray to make sure everything is in place before leaving the house and primer before doing your makeup will also ensure your foundation will last longer on the day.
  6. Last one for the Guys - We can’t forget male style can we! If guys spend a day at the races in a suit and they will notice a big rise in the attention they get from the ladies. There are so many different styles and types, it’s impossible not to be able to find one that makes you look great and don’t be afraid to depart from the classic Grey/Black/Navy –  try a little colour! You can keep it simple with a block coloured shirt and then let the tie say something about you by making it a bold pattern or you can mix up abstracts with colors to make you stand out in the crowd.
Happy race day fashion!

Love Ciandra x


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