Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Moon and Star Necklace - Accessories from Lucky Eyes

I am so excited to share with you another beautiful piece from Lucky Eyes. This time I am styling the Moon and Star Necklace as seen in Sex and the City 2 on Sarah Jessica Parker!! My favourite film and TV series of all time is Sex and the City so being able to style something Carrie Bradshaw wears in it is a dream come true.

This beautiful moon and star necklace is made out of Sterling Silver with crystal inclusion pieces to make it sparkle. This necklace is best warn with a v-line neck dress or top so you can see the beautiful detailing. It is the perfect addition to any outfit day or night.

I love the meaning behind this necklace too, the moon and star represents emotions and the feminine side of things, giving me a sense of protection and vision when I wear it. I am very spiritual so like to wear jewellery that embraces this.

You can purchase the Moon and Star Necklace for £119 with Free UK delivery here, they also do smaller versions and matching pieces if you want to collect the full set like me!

Hope you like checking this collection out, it's just so beautiful!

Love Ciandra x

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