Tuesday, 9 January 2018

How to stay organised having a full-time job and being a blogger

I often get this question of how I stay organised with such a busy schedule; I balance a full time 9-5 job, a part-time degree in Business Management, whilst running a successful Blog/Instagram.  It has taken me years to get into a routine and still sometimes don't have time to manage it all. I sometimes find myself losing sight of the importance of free time but I have put together a number of tips on how to stay organised to ensure I stay on top of my 'To-do list' and have time to relax too!

So here are some of my tips...


Any idea is a good idea, no matter what time of day an idea comes into your head, write it down. I have a page on the ‘notes’ of my phone filled with random ideas. Sometimes I wake up the next morning and my notes page is filled with useless rubbish, but sometimes there will be a great idea for a post which I later go on to postal. If you’re on the bus and you see someone with a nice dress on, write it down, if you read about a new lipstick you’d like to try, write it down. This sounds silly, but the more you open your eyes to the world around you, the easier it is to think of new ideas to blog about.


Weekends will be your blessing and your curse. You will either have weekends completely free to churn out loads of blog posts and get on top of things. Other weekends will be jam packed, so you won’t get any time. When you do have those quite weekends be sure to take loads of photos and really get ahead. As this is typically the only time in the week when you get daylight hours to take photos.


Following on from my last point, when the weekend comes around its photography time. Get your background and objects in place, as weekends are when you need to be taking photos. If you know what blog posts are going to be going up in the week then be sure to take pictures ready. The last thing you want is to be rushing the night before or even on the morning to try and pull a composition together. It will just be rushed and chaotic. So when the lighting is good set up a few different scenes for 2-3 blog posts so you are ready in advance.


This is an obvious one, of course but it's SO important. Blogging can be a time consuming hobby and I know how overwhelming it can feel, especially when you want to put more time into it than you actually have available. Try planning a bit ahead to give yourself more time to gather together everything you need and you’ll feel less rushed. Get a digital/paper diary or a weekly planner for yourself and PLAN PLAN PLAN. I opt for a digital diary as I can sync my work and personal plans to keep on top of things. 
For your blog start off by writing down post ideas that you have planned or that you would like to do. Then begin to fill in your diary on your squeduled post days with the content you would like to feature there. Make sure to leave a few gaps for those random ideas you have of fabulous last minute blog ideas! 


One of my main tips for blogging is to have things in place way in advance so you aren't stressed, well not as stressed as you could be! Some of the best things I have found to help with this is scheduling - if you are unable to be at a computer/phone at the time you want your blog posts to go live there are always way to schedule your posts so that they go live when you choose. Also you can now Scheduled tweets & Facebook posts so that you can promote your post at the best time for you! The best App I can recommended is "Buffer" this allows you to schedule 10 tweets at a time to enable you to promote your posts all day without having to do anything! 


If, like me, you have an really bad memory you might want to set some reminders on your phone. If you feel overwhelmed with things to do and forget to check your to do list, I sometimes set a reminder with an alarm on my phone and it really helps keep me to keep on top of things.

These have been my tips for how I am able to work full time whilst running a blog. If a blog post goes up late it is usually because evening have been hectic and I just haven’t had time. I would rather put up a late blog post than a rushed one.
Let me know if you work and blog full time, what techniques do you use to have a work/ blog balance?

Love Ciandra x


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