Sunday, 3 December 2017

5 ways to start loving the body your in

As the winter months are approaching us, we need to reminded even more than usual to love our bodies. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is a remarkable thing. But furthermore, it shouldn't matter the time, place, nor season. This is an issue that remains constant in our world today. We need to remember to love ourselves for what we are. When we are in a constant battle with keeping up with our images, we can’t truly love and admire the body we are in.

Be careful about what you read

In a world where we love to compare ourselves to the most glamorous people on earth, we begin to lose ourselves. I am a lover of magazines and fashion advertising, but I can sometimes get sucked into the world of perfect imagery and forget that I shouldn’t compare myself to models that I see. I would suggest reading magazines with caution, if you start comparing yourself to models in advertising put the magazine down! Even though I see this issue being more apparent with women, men apply to this as well. We have flaws. Stretch marks, scars, discolouration and more surround our bodies. That is because we are real people. We don’t always have the flawless skin and bodies we see in the media. But the interesting this is, neither do they. Stop comparing yourself to an image that is imaginary. We need to start realising, what the media shows us; is exactly what we want to see. We strive to be, and look perfect. I want you to remind yourself you are gorgeous exactly the way you are.

Stop watching the Victoria's secret fashion show

Even though we all love to secretly watch this, it needs to stop, or cut down... For years I have watched the fashion show. For one reason only. I was jealous of their tall legs, glamorous outfits, and their outstanding bodies. As I became older, the more I realised the image that was installed into my memory. I was nothing like those girls. This is not how girls really look, well the majority of us don’t look like this. Sadly, this is the way they are telling us to look. I began to understand the way they tricked us. There was no curvy girls on the runway. No short girls in sight. But, I can proudly  say they no longer trick me anymore. I am far more comfortable as a small and 5’4 women and you should be too!

Accepting differences in body type

As I’ve been boasting about not observing the tall and skinny girls, I have came to the realisation that some women (and men) can't help it if they are. I just want to spread the thought, that we are beautiful whatever shape and size we are. I want to remind the people that have trouble gaining weight, and that are naturally tall and skinny, that it is more than okay. I know so many people that have been talked down upon because of this thought. The thought, that they want to be this way. But that's not at the very least true. From a very young age, I developed faster than others and was overweight for my whole childhood. I was influenced by others and media that this shouldn’t be the way I looked so developed a severe eating disorder and became very underweight. But through recovery and regaining weight to a healthy place I have grown into my body and feel confident in the way I look. Don’t let the media, yourself, or others alter your mind into believing the body you were put in  is not for you. Or as a matter of fact, not what people want. You can decide that for yourself.

Don't change your diet if it’s not necessary

From dieting pills, to shakes, to working out, we always are looking for the next best thing to make ourselves look better. If it’s not necessarily for our benefit, we need to take a break from this. I know so many people like myself that have over exerted this who didn't need too. We need to allow ourselves a cheat day once in awhile. So, eat that burger. Give yourself a break from this image that you have of what you need to be. Or, what we have left to become.

Stop over-sexualising women’s bodies

This tip, is for all women out there that feel the same way. No, this is not an issue that just started appearing now. It has been happening since the beginning of time. We need to remember our bodies are continually being over- sexualised. If we show to much skin we are shamed for it. If we don’t show enough, we are told to remove more clothing. Whatever boundaries you want to draw is completely your decision. For me personally, showing wearing a short dress makes me feel unbelievably beautiful and feminine. As a woman, I embrace the body I am in. I should be able to show off however much of it that I want. Never let somebody else tell you that you are showing too much, or too little skin for their liking. We have control of our bodies. We always will.

Love Ciandra x


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