Hey guys, long time no speak! I hope you are all doing well. So I have some news, I am off travelling in a few weeks to Greece and Thailand among other places and I am beyond excited. This means my skin is going to come into contact with harsh UV rays and I am preparing my skin regime for this. So you all may know Bioderma best for their very famous Micellar cleansers, however, they also do other skincare goodies which I have reviewed HERE but also sun protection! You can get an all-year round photoprotective care for you skin with the Bioderma Photoderm range. At the end of the day we all love to sit out in the sun and get a tan during the summer time...we just need to make sure we are using the right products to protect our face and body.  In this post I am reviewing two of my favourite sun protection products from Bioderma. Hope you enjoy reading my review!

This sun-spray is suitable for all skin types, yes even combination to oily skin, skin that is sensitive or intolerant to all types of sunlight, very fair skin with freckles, so you can’t really go wrong!! 

I always like to switch sunscreens and the only reason is that I get bored of using the same stuff and want to switch up my routine and experiment with new stuff. I pretty much have finished using this Bioderma sunscreen. I have a love-hate relationship with this one. For me, sunscreen is like that bad medicine you just suck it up if I’m honest, I’m just lazy with it. But this stuff comes in a spray so is super easy!!

Overview of this sunscreen:
  •       Does not have any fragrance to it.
  •       Leaves a white cast if you use a lot in one go but settles down after some good 10 minutes, so you have to bare that in mind.
  •       Gives a high protection of SPF 50+.
  •       The texture is watery and spreads evenly on the skin.
  •       Protects from both UVA and UVB rays.
  •      This sunscreen has “cellular bioprotection” that activates the skin’s natural defences, protects cells and combats premature skin ageing.
  •       It is free of parabens.
  •      I don’t find it too greasy and after it settles, I can easily go on with my makeup routine. It does look shiny after application. It does not interfere with the makeup I put on top. Since it is such a high SPF Sunscreen, I suggest not to use before your makeup when you have flash pictures taken.
  •       To use I hold the mist about 20cm from the skin and spray evenly. When I apply to my face, I spray some into hands and smooth on, avoiding the eyes. Re-apply every 2 hours.

Onto the second product, and this one is used AFTER sun exposure. This after sun moisturising milk works to rehydrate your skin that has been dried out by sun exposure throughout the day. It then also prepares your skin for further exposure by optimising its natural anti-UV protection and maintaining a balanced hydration level. The exclusive patented cellular BIOprotection® complex effectively shields the skin against risk of cell damage. The moisturising milk is extremely smoothing, refreshing and decongests the skin after sun exposure. It has a light and easy to apply texture which does not leave a white cast like some other after suns do and makes sure you skin curbs skin peeling.

The 'Bioderma Photoderm Apres Soleil RefreshingAfter Sun Milk' has got to be one of the best After Sun lotions I have used in a long time, and that’s saying something! I love the formulation behind it and how it rehydrates the skin, prolongs your tan and how overall refreshing it is. In the past I have used After Sun lotions which have had a pretty thick clogging consistency which I feel did nothing to my skin other than leave a white cast. When you apply it absorbs into your skin quite quickly and after a few hours your skin feels really moisturised and smells like a summer holiday. I also love the fact it is a 2-in-1 product that can be used on the body but also on your face also. In the past when I have used After Sun lotions I found they made my skin break out on my face but it has not yet been the case with this life saving product.

Hope you enjoyed this Bioderma review! I would love to know your thoughts on the product and whether you have used any of the Bioderma Photoderm range.

Love Ciandra x

*The post contains PR samples*

A lot of us are waiting for something great to happen. We tell ourselves, keep working, do your best, and good things will happen. And that’s OKAY, but there’s also another route. The take what’s yours route. The route where you don’t wait for a paycheque – you create one. Let’s talk about how you can make an impact on your own life by replacing your 9-5 salary.

The process to completely replacing your 9-5 salary doesn’t come overnight, it’s gradual but very achievable. Look around and you’ll see plenty of people on Instagram, YouTube, and various blogs who have achieved this kind of lifestyle.

We’re talking about the influencer lifestyle.

Becoming an influencer in 2019 is more attainable than ever. All your favourite industries are crying for authentic influencers who have real opinions, though we’re not talking celebrity influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers. Micro, and even nano-influencers are all the rage right now because they offer much better engagement and have a closer connection to their audiences. Marketers are learning that engagement outweighs follower count.

So what are we saying? It’s a damn good time to move into the micro-influencer space.

One of the coolest things about becoming an influencer on Instagram is that it can begin as a side hustle. You can easily do it while working a full-time job, and as you earn more money and experience, you can consider taking the plunge to become a full-time influencer.

Fashion influencers, lifestyle influencers, and beauty influencers all have a wealth of companies knocking down their door. While becoming an influencer is attainable, it can also be intimidating. So it’s helpful to seek the advice of professionals. In the course, How To Become An Expert & Sought After Influencer, they teach you everything you need to know about achieving that lifestyle. Right from gaining your first 10,000 followers, to finding your next long-term collaboration. 

While there is a lot to becoming an influencer, let’s look at four of the core components you need to consider.

Step 1: Choose your niche

You might already be an expert in a given niche, and by “expert”, we mean someone who your friends look to for advice. This could be travel, makeup, lifestyle, fashion, or any number of categories. Once you choose your niche, learn as much as you can about it by joining Facebook groups, Masterminds, email lists, or subreddits. Then, begin to earn the trust of your audience. Build a reputation as someone who knows their stuff. This is step one.

There are a few different ways to earn trust – a couple of the most effective methods are through social proof, or becoming certified in your niche. For example, if you want to pursue the makeup and beauty niche, being a certified MUA would go a long way. It’s not totally necessary, but it helps! The road to becoming an influencer is a lot smoother when you have credibility on your side.

Step 2: Creating excellent content

Once you know what niche you want to concentrate on, you need to create content people in that niche want to consume. You want to create content that is eye-catching, visually stimulating, and valuable

Without an esthetically pleasing feed filled with high-quality imagery and a consistent color scheme, you make it more difficult for yourself to gain followers and increase engagement rate.

Take some time to plan this and decide what kind of style you want to have, because once you choose, you should stick to it and be consistent. Are you going to take a bright imagery approach, where your content is in front of white or bright coloured backgrounds? Or perhaps a more matted greyscale type of vibe? Influencers who nail this are the ones that big budget brands seek out because of the quality of your content. Not only are they gaining increasing awareness from your sponsored posts, but they’re getting access to your content that they can in turn repurpose for their own marketing materials.

Determine what your theme is going to be and try to incorporate it into every post. We call them “curated feeds.” The influencers who have curated feeds are more sought after than those who simply post whatever they feel like.

To get started, follow influencers in your niche that you aspire to be like. Gain insights into what engaging content looks like and then begin mimicking what they create. They’re providing you with all the answers – all you need to do is copy them down.

Another sweet free tip: use an app like UNUM to plan your feed!

Step 3: Get the right number of engaged followers

Notice how we didn't just say “the right number of followers”? That’s because you shouldn’t care as much about those who follow and just lurk and loiter. Care about the followers who direct message you asking questions, comment on your posts regularly, and always throw ‘likes’ your way. That’s called having an engaged audience. There a bunch of cool hacks offered in the How To Become An Expert & Sought After Influencer course that teaches you how to speed up this process.

A quick tip for you to take away – engagement goes two ways. When you do have a few people engaging on your posts and sending you direct messages, make sure you respond to them and let them know how much you appreciate them. An appreciated audience is an audience that will stay engaged with you, and there’s nothing more valuable that than.

Step 4: Attracting brands to come to you

This is the last and most daunting step. It may actually require you to be the first mover. Before brands reach out to you, you’ll need to prove that you’re professional about being an influencer and can work with a brand. Like we talked about at the beginning, you could continue to build your engaged audience, sit back, and wait for it to happen, or you could take it into your own hands! Reach out to brands yourself, express your value to them, and offer to promote their products in exchange for free product gifted to you. This can be tricky, but rest assured the course will teach you everything you need to know about reaching out to brands. They offer templates for each niche; you just fill in the blanks and fire away.

Once brands see you working with other companies, creating beautiful content, and receiving genuine interest from your followers, they’ll be knocking at your door asking for your rates. Promise.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, spend a few hours a week (that we spend on social media anyway), focusing on how to tactically grow your Instagram, build an audience that cares, and create awesome content. With a bit of hard work and perseverance, you can, and will replace your 9-5 salary. This brings a wealth of opportunity with it, and it’s up to you to make an impact on your own life.

Let me know how you get on. 

Love Ciandra x

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